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NamaStay with Us!

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Meet the Owners

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We are the very proud owners of this visionary community. We believe we are magnificent manifesters. We were intentional about this space in our minds years before It came to fruition. We want this community to draw residents that have also had this type of community as part of their dreams!
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Hi! You will see me out mowing, meditating, and every now and then passing out my famous cookies.


Namaste! We may not be able to live in a tiny home right now, but we love that we can support and share a community with people who live in their small homes intentionally!



Chuck is a native Texan. He will talk your ear off about growing up in "The Grove" and Cedar Hill. He loves his kids, the Dallas Cowboys, and most things Texas (Go Long Horns!). He also can bake a mean cookie and has a genuine heart of gold. Molly is a native Missourian who has lived full time in Texas since 2011. She is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, Life Coach, former tiny home owner, and lover of Shih tzus. She loves to talk about mindfulness, growing one's edges, and living tiny! They also both love their families and wanted to create another type of family here on their homestead.


Prior to meeting in September 2019, Molly lived with her fur baby in a 304 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels (THOW) in a lovely tiny home community in Decatur. Chuck worked in revenue accounting at Uncle Julio's, followed all things sports, and spent most of his free time with his two kids. We both had ideas about a Tiny Living Community prior to meeting each other. Molly dreamed of one day living in a THOW in a community she built. Chuck and his Mom had thoughts about building a sustainable community of tiny homes. Having never lived "tiny", Chuck loved Freida Freedom (Molly's THOW) and that is even where our first date took place! 


Life was going about at a steady and fun pace. Then, a thing called the Pandemic of 2020 hit (you might have heard of this). In the span of two years, Molly was now working from home as an OT, became a bonus Mom, and had an unexpected health gift. Chuck lost his job of 15 years. We moved three times, got engaged, then got married, were raising two kids and a fur baby. We were figuring out everything while masking up, wiping things down, and then getting vaccinated. During this time, we reassessed our dreams of how we wanted our life to look and with the help of family, it quickly evolved.


We were living as a family on a homestead where we could build the Tiny Living Community we wanted. Namastay Hideaway opened In January 2022.

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