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Community Partners

If you are interested in tiny homes on wheels, we have been able to partner with top notch local builders! We highly recommend you vet your builder and make sure they are RVIA or NOAH certified.

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Decath 3 Models.png
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Testimonials from Residents

"One of the amazing things about Chuck and Molly is they're just incredibly thoughtful, amazing people as they are. Molly lived tiny for several years. She knew the challenges that came with it. That's

one of the just incredible things about NamaStay is the people behind it because everything that they do they do with intention and thoughtfulness."     -Tia (current resident)

"A dream come true."    -Tim (current resident)

"I lived here for a year and had a great experience. Molly and Chuck are always helpful and great at communicating with all Members of the community. I really appreciate the presence of the storm shelters. It gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend NamaStay Hideaway!"   -Whitley (former resident)

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