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Is this place for you?

The Basics

Important Things to Consider

Own OR are under contract to build a THOW that is

< 400 sq.

*THOW is ideally ≤ 8.5-10 ft. wide and <35 feet. in length

*RV manufactured ≤ 10 years ago and < 35 feet in length (may be slide out restrictions due to lot size)

Minimum one year lease

$550 a month for a max

of two residents

Provide proof of insurance on your house , RV etc

30 or 50 amp electric only 

≤ 2 parking spots

≤ 2 people in your home

Background and Credit checks

Gravel lots (30 ft. X 10 ft. )

Space is 20 X 50

≤ 2 domestic good tempered dogs (case by case for other domestic animals, no exotic animals)

No Smoking

*Prefer no vaping 

Home and lot will be kept neat

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